Human Resources

How many robots does it take to onboard a new hire? Only one. And the process can run 24/7/365. The robot doesn’t need overtime pay or human resources. And it doesn’t quit on you, either.

Robotic process automation (RPA), as applied to the human resources industry, uses automated software applications to streamline HR processes, such as onboarding new hires. Applications, when introduced as part of an HR RPA implementation, simplify the human effort and skills needed for HR processes. In the past, HR automation occurred at the level of computer code, but with human resources RPA, it can now occur at the mouse-click-level—no conventional coding skills required. When properly implemented, human resources RPA knits together HR core system data fields, cloud-based software fields, and desktop applications like Excel into a single, streamlined, standardized, and automatic process.



3 year ROI using 11 bots in HR at top US manufacturing firm


hours saved per new hire onboarding


savings in travel and expense management through RPA

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