Insurance companies process vast amounts of data into actionable insights to improve underwriting, claims, and policyholder service. Insurers are reinventing their business models and replacing legacy platforms with emerging technologies to meet customer expectations.

Insurance companies are continuously faced with translating vast amounts of information into actionable insights to improve underwriting, pricing, claims management, and policyholder service. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can quickly access data across legacy systems and automate repetitive manual tasks, freeing up human resources to focus on risk management and analysis. Automation Anywhere® offers an intuitive, scalable, and secure RPA platform enabling insurance organizations to create a reliable Digital Workforce which reduces costs while improving policyholder service. 

Over 40% of insurers are already implementing RPA to reduce costs and improve quality of insurance operations. Digital Workforce solutions offers 24x7 automation support for mundane activities freeing up time for claims managers, underwriters, and policyholder representatives to focus on claims adjudication, risk assessment, and customer service.



people give up on life insurance due to the process taking 3-4 weeks


faster claim processing using RPA

1 day

new expectation for claim pay out using RPA

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