Next generation Technology solutions continue to evolve, and so have customer requirements. Businesses need help navigating the rate of change.

StraightLine's mission is to empower business leaders with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

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    Accounting and Finance

    Automation is set to drive as much as 50% of financial processes in just the next few years

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    Banking and Financial Services

    Connect legacy systems, automate repetitive tasks, and tap into disparate data sources to gain more insight about your financial services customers. Online apps, full-service web portals, and real-time account information are prime examples of how digitization drives day to day interactions with consumers and investors.

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    Healthcare and Life Sciences

    The business of healthcare isn’t just about being efficient. Healthcare organizations—both payers and providers—are focused on improving health, lowering cost, and providing better access to care for patients. 

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    Human Resources

    How many robots does it take to onboard a new hire? Only one. And the process can run 24/7/365. The robot doesn’t need overtime pay or human resources. And it doesn’t quit on you, either.

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    Insurance companies process vast amounts of data into actionable insights to improve underwriting, claims, and policyholder service. Insurers are reinventing their business models and replacing legacy platforms with emerging technologies to meet customer expectations.

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    Public Sector

    Government agencies process large volumes of data and documents every day, much of it manually. Repetitive, manual processes slow down employees and the services they provide to the public.

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